Store Social

The first step of the Store Social is educating you about the foods you choose to have in your kitchen and consume. It begins with a “Cupboard Cleanse,” as Chef Jean Paul investigates the foods you currently have in your cupboards, refrigerator, and freezer. Jean Paul will help you read ingredient labels and identify popular food items that you might think are healthy options, but they are not. This information is vital in order to clean out those cupboards and stock them with healthy choices.

The next step in the Store Social is the actual trip to the grocery store and/or local markets. Once you learn what ingredients to look for, now it’s time to learn to shop efficiently and effectively. Chef Jean Paul will guide you through the stores and local markets teaching you how to select family favorites that are time efficient and cost effective. Being a Dad himself, Chef Jean Paul understands the need for quick and easy food preparation that is healthy but not breaking the bank.

You will learn:

  • How to shop for healthy foods and do it cost effectively
  • The ingredients to look for
  • The ingredients to avoid and why
  • How to stock the cupboards with wholesome ingredients

The Store Social can be done with a group or individually. Prices vary accordingly.

  • Groups have to be at least 4 people but no more than 10
  • One on one

*Any Store Social group that books a Cooking Class will receive a discount*