Meal Delivery

Meal Delivery

Custom Made for You

Our goal at LuVanVi Foods is to make it easy and affordable for our clients to eat healthy, delicious meals every day!

Unlike many delivery services, Chef Jean Paul offers 100% customization for each client. He is able to prepare meals in accordance with medical professionals guidelines such as: diabetes, weight gain or loss, high blood pressure, ADHD, leaky gut syndrome, to name a few.

Our meals are prepared according to your individual nutritional needs and delivered right to your home or office door.

Who Can Benefit

We serve many aspects of our community including, seniors, families, singles, business groups and executives. Everyone is busy and we know that healthy food is the key to continued wellbeing and productivity.

With Chef Jean Paul, everyone receives the same commitment: Provide the greatest nutritional benefit for your needs and make it convenient and affordable to eat fresh, healthy and delicious meals every day.

Delivery Schedule

Meals are delivered 2 – 3 times per week, depending on needs. Meals are delivered the same day they are prepared.


Adult Meals range from $10.95 – $15.95 depending on individual needs and preferences.

Child’s Meals range from $4.95 – $6.95 depending on age, needs and preferences.

Personal Attention

Because we provide a fully customizable service, Chef Jean Paul speaks directly with each client to assess their needs, and then can provide a no-obligation quote to suit your preferences.

After speaking with Chef Jean Paul, you will be provided with a password so that you can fill out your personal Food Profile on our website. This will be emailed directly to Jean Paul, and he will call you to discuss further, to be sure your needs and preferences are met.

You can also arrange for Chef Jean Paul to speak directly with you and your health provider to make it convenient for you to see that meals are prepared accordingly.

Call or text Chef Jean Paul at (805) 456-9090

or CLICK HERE to email.